There are six smaller shops on the ground floor of the Rog Centre, where users and passers-by can buy products from local creatives as well as some of the products created at the Rog Centre. On the ground floor on the riverside of Petkovškovo there is also a restaurant and bistro with a vegan menu, and on the first floor, there is a café with an exit to the terrace and a view of the Ljubljanica. Citizens as well as other passers-by and visitors of Ljubljana, are always welcome in the Park of the Erased, which was built in the former factory yard and spread out over 8,000 m2 towards Trubarjeva Street. A small container in which RogLab operated for many years has already found its place in the Park of the Erased. After the opening of its big brother, the pilot project of the Rog Centre was transformed into an annual café pavilion.

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Hex Haus


The HEX HAUS project is the result of media artists Anže Sekelj and Staš Vrenek, whose goal is to develop a series of proprietary digital electronic sound systems. In the development, special attention is paid to the balance between the ...