If you walk by Center Rog along the Ljubljanica river, via the Petkovškovo embankment, you will find six small shops where you can buy products from local creatives as well as some of the products created at Center Rog. There is also our "Made in Rog" shop, where you can pick up your membership card or pay a course or workshop. We also have a pop-up store where the programme changes every month and you can always discover something new! Are you hungry or thirsty? On the ground floor, on the riverside embankment, there is the TaBAr restaurant and Graska Deli bistro (exclusively vegan), and on the first floor, there is our Specialka café with a terrific terrace overviewing the Ljubljanica river. Citizens as well as other passers-by and visitors of Ljubljana are always welcome in the Park of the Erased, which grows on the former factory yard towards Trubarjeva Street and spreads out on over 8,000 m2. We only grow edible plants here - come and enjoy them ... A small container in which RogLab - our pilot project - operated for many years has also found its place in the Park. We will soon transform it into an summer café pavilion.

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Terra Panel

Studio_Bor Jarh_slika1

Terra panel je panel za pasivno uravnavanje vlage, ki služi tudi kot ambientalno svetilo. Njegova avtorja sta Bor in Daša, ljubitelja narave in oblikovanja, ki sta tekom svoje oblikovalske prakse ustvarila in se tudi preselila v svojo Ti...