Privacy policy

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies contain various information that the website reads when you revisit it. They are used by most modern websites.

Cookies themselves are not harmful; they do not contain viruses or any other malicious code. They serve various purposes, such as displaying advanced content on the website, tracking site visit statistics, and supporting social media plugins (plugins are add-ons that can be embedded in a website, such as the Facebook Like Box, which displays images of friends from Facebook along with the option to like).

Legal restrictions on cookies are primarily a result of the misuse of technology for tracking users and interfering with online privacy.

Types of cookies:

  1. Temporary or session cookies
  2. Permanent or stored cookies
  3. First-party cookies
  4. Third-party cookies

Each type of cookie is treated differently in legislation and guidelines. The Law on Electronic Communications (ZEKom-1) requires website operators to inform visitors about the use of cookies. In the case of more invasive cookies, website administrators must obtain consent from visitors for their use.

Security and privacy on our website:

Our website complies with Article 157 of the ZEKom-1 law and the Personal Data Protection Act. The purpose of the legislation is to protect personal data since browsing the internet can lead to violations of your privacy rights.

More detailed information on online privacy can be found on the Information Commissioner's website, where they have prepared answers to common questions related to tracking users online using cookies.

Cookies used on our website:

  1. Mandatory cookies:
    • AllowCookies: This cookie is loaded onto your computer so that on subsequent visits, we know if you allow the use of additional cookies. The cookie is valid for 365 days.
    • Login (login window): This cookie is loaded to remember your login to the website for future visits.
  1. Visitor statistics:
    • We use Google Analytics, which uses the following cookies:
      • __utma: Records the frequency of a user's visits to the website, the time of the first visit, the previous and current visit. The cookie is valid for two years.
      • __utmb: Used to check how long a user stays on the website: when the visit starts and approximately when it ends. The cookie is valid for 30 minutes.
      • __utmc: Used to check how long a user stays on the website: when the visit starts and approximately when it ends. The cookie expires when the browser is closed.
      • __utmv: Used to store user settings.
      • __utmz: Stores information about where the visitor came from (search engine, keyword, link). The cookie is valid for 6 months.
  1. Other cookies:
    • Some pages use third-party cookies or "foreign cookies" for embedded media such as YouTube video and Google Maps. For example, Google Maps uses up to five cookies:
      • NID: Valid for 6 months
      • PREF: Valid for 2 years
      • testcookie: Expires when the browser is closed.
      • khcookie: Expires when the browser is closed.
      • SNID: Valid for 6 months.

Can I completely avoid loading cookies?

Users can independently decide whether to enable the use of cookies. You can control and change cookie settings in your web browser. Information on cookie settings for various web browsers is available at the following links:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Internet Explorer 7 and 8
  • Opera
  • Safari

Disabling cookies may disable some features of the website.