Food Lab

The Food lab is dedicated to the culinary arts and fostering creativity. In the modernly equipped kitchen, there are utensils and tools that, in addition to the usual cooking techniques, also allow advanced procedures. Above all, it is a space for experimental research and the conquest of new skills. With its diverse program, it is a true paradise for amateur chefs as well as those who are engaged in culinary professionalism. You can come here for a traditional cooking workshop or delve into experimental cooking – from baking bread to molecular sweets. The cooking lab also includes a show cooking area with several individual cooking stations, where cooking workshops and courses will be held. It is a true oasis of creativity and innovation, where the passion for cooking is combined with the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

Lab Manager:

Alma Kochavy, tel.: +386 (0)1 320 56 15

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Min - Max čas uporabe (vključno s pripravami in čiščenjem):
4 ur/dan

Odprti termin:
vsak torek od 10-15h ali po dogovoru (

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