Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to register on the Center Rog website?

Only by registering can you reserve a spot in the workshop, participate in a course or workshop, receive training for various machines, or book a table in the coworking space. You can register as a guest, or you can pay the membership fee (15/10 EUR) and enjoy all our services with great discounts!

What benefits does the Center Rog membership bring?

The annual membership fee provides discounts on courses and workshops, one free training for the use of machine equipment of your choice, and many other benefits (e.g., a constant member discount in our store, free children's workshops on Saturdays, discounts on holiday care, in the café, and more). Without membership, you cannot independently use the machines in our labs, as only members can undergo the training required for this.

Can I attend a workshop or course if I haven't paid the membership fee?

Of course, you can attend a course or workshop as a guest, but in this case, the price is higher than for members, as the membership fee provides a discount on all education programs.

I have never been in a space like Center Rog. Where should I start?

Are you interested in our labs? Just come to one of the open slot sessions. During these times, you can explore all the workshops, meet the mentors, and decide what you want to try. Otherwise: coffee on the terrace, library, shops, space for rest or work, etc. You can find it all with us.

Do you have a program for children at Center Rog?

Of course. On Saturdays, we have "sobotnice" (Saturdays), which are free for our members. Otherwise, we have programs for kindergartens and schools, holiday care, children's courses, and more!

What are user packages? Do I have to buy one to visit Center Rog?

A package means purchasing time for independent work in all labs. You buy it if you're interested in making things yourself more than once. There is a 5-day, monthly, and annual package available, and each purchase allows you to use the time in all nine production workshops (metalworking, woodworking, glassworking, ceramics, textiles, culinary green lab, or jewelry lab) unlimitedly during its validity. If you're more interested in guided education, such as courses and workshops, etc., you don't have to buy a package, just the selected education.

I would like to attend a course. Do I have to buy a user package for that?

No, packages are intended for independent work in the labs. If you attend a course, you can buy that specific course and nothing else. However, we recommend buying it as a member of Center Rog, as it will be cheaper in this case, and annual membership brings many other benefits.

What does training mean?

Training is always related to machines and machine equipment in the labs. You must undergo training for independent work in the lab. For example, in the fab lab, you must undergo training for the laser cutter if you want to use it independently. In the woodworking lab, training is required for the CNC, circular saw, and some other machines. In the jewelry lab, training includes getting to know all the equipment. So training is not only tied to one machine; sometimes it's for a workstation that combines several pieces of equipment or even for the entire lab.

Who is entitled to one free training, when, and how can it be used?

Anyone who pays the annual membership fee is entitled to one free training for specific machine equipment or workstation. You can use it during the validity of your membership for any scheduled training session. In the booking system on the website, you simply reserve the next available training session for the equipment you're interested in and come to us. You can also come to Center Rog and handle all payments and orders in our store.

What does an open slot mean?

It's a time available for independent work in the lab on a particular day. In our reservation system, we have open slots marked with a reservation option that you can book for up to 48 hours in advance. To reserve an open slot, you must have purchased one of the user packages.

I'm trying to reserve an open slot, but everything is already taken. What does this mean?

This means that these slots have already been reserved for that day by other users. Since there can only be a limited number of people in the labs at any given time, the number of slots is also limited.

Where do I get the material I need for my work?

It's best to bring the material with you. If we have it in stock, you can also buy it in our labs or store. Permanent consumable materials such as 3D printer filament will always be available for purchase from us.

Can I order the printing of a specific item with a 3D printer from you?

In principle, our labs operate on a "do it yourself" basis, but if it's really necessary and we're not too busy, we can also take on an order for manufacturing.

Do I have to bring my protective equipment, or do I get it in the lab?

You get everything you need for safe work from us - but we don't mind if you bring any pieces of protective equipment with you.