Oloop Knowledge Transfer: Embroider Your Own Badge!

18. 7. 2024
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Center Rog, main hall
Prosta mesta: 0/15


Free creative workshop and presentation by the Breja Preja textile community from Škofja Loka.

We invite you to a workshop on improvised embroidery with Nina and Anka from Breja Preja, where you can create your own badge using a simple embroidery technique.

The workshop will begin with a presentation of the activities of the textile community from Škofja Loka and their latest project – a quilt. The quilt can be seen as a blanket, but also as an artistic and political tool, and a form of art where women have always predominated, as stated by writer Katy Hessel in her book "The Story of Art Without Men."

This will be followed by the badge-making workshop – Embroider Your Own Badge! – where we will create on the theme of community. The workshop is open to everyone, including children accompanied by an adult. No prior experience is needed, just a joy for embroidery and drawing with thread. Join the workshop at 18:00 and leave once you finish your creation.

About mentors:

Nina Arnuš and Anka Pintar are the founders and leaders of Zavod Tri and the Breja Preja textile community. They are interested in creative activism – combining knitting, crocheting, and embroidery with current social challenges. They integrate group/community creation, social inclusion, and intergenerational and intercultural cooperation.

The event is free of charge, but we recommend registration for easier coordination.

The O2OOP exhibition and accompanying events were created in co-production with the Rog Center and the Biennial of Textile Art BIEN (Zavod Carnica) and with financial support from the Municipality of Ljubljana (MOL) and the ACF Program (in Slovenia 2014-2021).

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