Kurinuki – Japanese clay shaping technique

11. 7. 2024
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Ceramics lab
za člane
for guests
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Kurinuki means "to hollow out" in Japanese. Kurinuki is also a traditional Japanese technique of carving and hollowing out a lump of clay, drawing inspiration from nature and its raw elements such as rocks and earth.

Come to our workshop, where we will explore this traditional clay shaping technique. We will create a characteristic Japanese yunomi cup, recognizable by its small foot and lack of handles.

This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to work with clay and learn a technique that is quite different from those typically used for making functional ceramics.

About the mentors:

The workshop will be led by Živa Pintarič, a member of the Studio Biskvit team, who also creates unique ceramics under her own brand, Sapervedere.

She began her education in ceramics by attending courses and workshops at Studio Biskvit and is now a team member. She was trained to lead hand-building workshops by Janža Dolinšek and learned wheel throwing from Daša Kogoj. In Biskvit, she takes care of the studio and all stages of the workshop products—from execution to glaze firing.


Participants are requested to gather 15 minutes before the scheduled time in the main lobby of Center Rog. Please store your personal items in the lockers before the program starts. Do not be late. We cannot guarantee entry after the program begins, as it is not possible to join once the creative process has started.

In case of non-execution, you will be notified no later than two days before the program starts.

In case of non-attendance, fees are non-refundable, and rescheduling is not possible. However, you can transfer your participation to another person by notifying us at least 24 hours before the program starts at the email address: steklokeramika@center-rog.si.

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