Green Lab

The Green Laboratory is a haven for fans of microorganisms, pioneers of biotechnology, innovators of materials, and lovers of gardening. Together, we will explore the boundaries of nature and technology, develop environmentally friendly solutions, and push the boundaries of the conventional. Whether you’re an experienced scientist or a curious maker, this is a unique space for experimenting, collaborating, and learning. Here you can learn how to make furniture from mycelium, how microorganisms dye fabrics, discover the hidden potentials of bio-waste, or make paper from onion peels. If you enjoy growing living organisms, the Green Lab will also offer content on gardening, fruit growing, and sustainable food production in general.

Lab Manager:

Maruša Ramšak, tel.: +386 (0)1 320 56 14

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Celični laboratorij


Oprema za delo s sesalskimi celicami:
laminarij class II , inkubator s CO₂ , vodna kopel, invertni mikroskop, centrifuga



Oprema za delo z micelijem:
laminarij, sušilnik, komora za rast micelijev

Min - Max čas uporabe (vključno s pripravami in čiščenjem):
2 - 6 ur/dan

Oprema laboratorija:
mikroskop, inkubator, centrifuga, pH meter, sušilnik, analitska tehtnica, tehtnica, digestorij, avtoklav, destilator vode, zamrzovalnik -80°C, indukcijska plošča, vodna kopel

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