Let's go to Ljubljana: an invitation to local and cross-border artists for a residency stay at the Rog Center.

Calls and Tenders 5. 12. 2023

At Center Rog, we have five residential studios for foreign but also LOCAL creatives, living and working outside of central Slovenia or in the border regions. You can apply via our call, which offers a two-week stay and work opportunity at Center Rog. In addition to the apartment, the selected residents will also have access to all nine production labs.

These are modernly equipped spaces intended for learning and the independent use of both traditional and contemporary technologies. During your stay, you can create in all nine production spaces, from the fab lab, woodworking, metalworking, and textile workshop to the culinary and green labs, jewelry-making workshop, and workshop for ceramics and glass.

If you work in product design, engineering, unique design, architecture, handicraft, or textile and clothing design and you need a creative buzz and machinery to develop and improve your products, you can apply using the form we publish below.

We want to invite up to ten creatives for a two-week residency stay. The call will remain open until the spots are filled, with the first slots available as early as January 2024. We will notify you of the selection within one month of applying.

More information: Come to Ljubljana! Invitation to a residency stay at the Center Rog

See you at the center, Rog!

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