Behind the project stands a collective of young designers Pjorkkala, who critically analyze and actively respond to the challenges of modern society. To promote the once-widespread tradition of baking bread in the local environment, they are developing a container for raising, baking, and storing bread. They have named this multi-use product Kaduja. It is a product that is inspired by traditional methods of baking bread, but thanks to its design and the advanced technologies used in its production, it is adapted to the habits of modern households. In Europe, about 44% of the bread produced is thrown away every year, which equates to about 8 kilograms of bread per person. By simplifying baking and reducing the number of tools needed for it, Kaduja encourages self-care and strengthens the attitude towards home-baked bread.

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The Blue Voyager unmanned aerial vehicle is used for automated sampling of water sources and analysis of samples during flight. Behind the product is the startup Paxia, which consists of students Domen Trontelj, Tilen Šket and Rok Hladin...