Center Rog - how does it work?

Featured 13. 2. 2024

Center Rog is a creative hub where you can make everything yourself and/or with the help of our mentors. How can you collaborate with us?

We have nine production labs: woodworking lab, textile lab, metalworking lab, green lab, jewelry lab, ceramic lab, glassworking lab, cooking lab, and fablab.

You can collaborate with us in two ways:

  • During open sessions, which means you come to the lab and independently use the machinery and equipment available.

In this case, you need to register and become a member of Center Rog. Membership allows you to sign up for training on the workshop machinery. Without completing the training, you cannot reserve machines or sign up for open sessions. After completing the training, you'll need a user package, which grants you access to our labs for a specified period. There are three packagesavailable: 5-day, monthly, and yearly, all valid from the date of purchase. You can bring your own materials or purchase them from us.

You can view the currently available training sessions HERE. Upon registration, you receive one free training session of your choice.

We suggest you first become a member, then complete the desired training, and only then purchase the user package.

Upon purchasing the package, you'll receive a membership card in your name, which you can collect from the Made in Rog store (Trubarjeva 72, entrance from Petkovškovo nabrežje, open Mon-Fri, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM). You'll use the card to access the lab where you have a reserved session.

  • Through guided workshops, courses, and other educational events organized in the labs.

In this case, you can participate as a guest, but it's better to become a member of Center Rog, as you'll receive discounts on our guided programs. You can check the currently available workshops, courses, and other educational events HERE.

For more information, you can visit the FAQ section.

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