The fashion industry addresses a mature woman with idealized youthful concepts of clothing that do not meet her needs. That is why fashion designer Jelena Proković from the JSP collective will offer women after 50 years a stylish platform of mutually compatible clothes that are the basis of every woman’s wardrobe: blouse, shirt, trousers, skirt, two dresses, jacket, coat, handbag, and fashion accessories. The collection will be designed so that individual pieces can be combined, complemented, and upgraded. Through the innovative limitation to only three basic sizes, each covering two clothing standard numbers, the universality of the garment will be achieved in response to changes in the female body and the issue of product durability. The prototype collection will be built on the personal style of a mature woman and not on a constantly changing trend. These are durable and high-quality clothes that can be worn for years to come.

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Nonstop Food

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Ekipo Nonstop sestavljajo trije študentje živilstva Eva Mustafa, Luka Korošec in Gašper Korat. Ukvarjajo se z izkoriščanjem stranskih surovin, ki ostajajo zavržene v agroživilski industriji, še posebej s stranskim produktom proizvodnje ...