Center Rog is a base for innovative and creative individuals and organisations working in a range of disciplines such as crafts, design, architecture and engineering. Our goal is to build a strong international community of creative individuals and organisations who share our values, and to that end we are open to a wide range of cooperation opportunities. We issue annual calls for partners as well as regular calls for projects with a strong environmental and social impact. We are committed to achieving a diverse creative community in terms of gender, nationality and culture, and actively encourage applications from individuals from systemically excluded communities.


Annual international call for Programme partnerships

The aim of the Annual international call for programme partnerships is to make the manufacturing facilities of Center Rog available to national and international organisations that share our commitment to sustainable design and fabrication and are active in the Center Rog’s target areas.

General conditions
Call foreseen in February 2024.

European projects

Most EU-funded, intergovernmental and other cooperation projects involve collaboration between organisations from different countries. We are open to innovative projects which contribute to social and environmental sustainability. Center Rog actively seeks partners for EU interdisciplinary projects and has successfully delivered many EU and other cooperation projects.
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Residency Exchange Programmes for Organisations

The Center Rog residency programme offers 5 residential studios of between 50 m2 and 80 m2.  It is aimed at an international community of makers, designers, craftspeople, culinary experts, architects and engineers who wish to develop a new product that will benefit people and/or animals and have a positive impact on the environment. We are seeking organisations willing to enter into bilateral agreements for regular exchanges providing comparable levels of support for creative professionals.

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Staff Exchange

We offer Staff Exchange between organisations providing comparable levels of support for creative professionals. The aim of the staff exchange is to share knowledge between likeminded creatives and to strengthen the relationship between partner organisations. We are seeking organisations willing to enter into bilateral agreements for regular exchanges providing comparable levels of support for creative professionals.

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Study visits for organizations and researchers

If you work in an organization and would like to learn more about Center Rog and its team with the goal of collaborating with us in the future, or if you are a professional researcher working on research focused on urban development, revitalization, maker culture, community development, and similar areas – we invite you to apply to our study visits program. We offer up to 3 overnight stays in our residential studios.

General conditions
Call for study visits in 2024 will be published soon.


Makers in Residency Programme

Are you a passionate maker, innovator and a creative thinker? We are seeking up to 6 different makers who will draw from their experience to help us set up our workspaces and labs. One-month-long residencies will start in the year 2024. Priority will be given to makers affiliated to fablabs and other creative makerspaces.
Open call expected in January 2024.

Designers in Residency Programme

Each year Center Rog will host a thematic residency programme for a Designer in Residency. This year we will cover the topic of ancestors and what we can learn from them.
Open call expected in January 2024.

Open Call for Freelance Mentors in Center Rog

We are inviting freelance mentors to join us and assist in our production workshops. We are looking for technicians and technologists with expertise in textiles, wood, metal, ceramics, glass, new technologies, electronics, green technologies, or culinary arts, who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge. Please note that all the candidates need European residency and/or work permit status.
No current opportunities open.

Work opportunities for volunteers

Become a volunteer in Center Rog and join an interdisciplinary working environment. We have nine production labs where we could use your specific skills.
No current opportunities open.

Current or past projects of Center Rog

Our Residents

There are five living and working spaces on the top floor, intended for hosting foreign guests who are active in similar creative fields as the Rog Centre. According to the principle of international exchanges, we host foreign artists, researchers, and lecturers. One living workspace is larger and is primarily intended for families and creative collectives, while one living studio can be used primarily by artists with migrant and refugee status.