Jadranka Smiljić

Jadranka Smiljić is the co-founder and director of the Creative Heart Institute and the company SGeek. With her passion for crocheting, she creates unique handmade products that she sells in her online store. Her dedication to handicrafts has led her to achieve two Guinness World Records – the longest continuous crocheting in 2020 and the largest collection of crocheted items for the project "Slovenia Crochets" (2022). She integrates technology with traditional crafts and manages the digital presence of her clients. As a motivator and inspirer, she shares positive thoughts and advice on her website and social media. She is a devoted mother of two children, full of energy, optimism, and zest for life. Jadranka is known for her creativity, courage, and ability to connect with others, always ready for new challenges.

On residence between 1st and 14th July 2024.


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