Training: Screen Printing

16. 7. 2024
5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Textile lab
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for guests
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The training at the screen printing station is designed to teach the safe and proper use of two areas in the textile lab: the darkroom (2nd floor of the building) and the textile workshop (ground floor of the textile lab).

Screen printing is a versatile printing technique suitable for textiles, paper, and other flat surfaces. It can be used for decorating finished flat products (T-shirts, sweaters, etc.) or semi-finished products (printing by the meter, wallpaper paper, etc.). When printing on different surfaces, it is crucial to use different printing pastes.

In our textile lab, we have several different screens available for users:

Aluminum screens:

  • 32 x 52 cm (4x)
  • 52 x 72 cm (4x)
  • 62 x 92 cm (2x)

Wooden screens:

  • A3 format (5x)
  • A4 format (5x)

Users can also expose and use their own screens.

How does the work at the screen printing station proceed?

The user coats the open screen with a photosensitive emulsion and lets it dry thoroughly (at least 4 hours, preferably overnight). Work must be done in dim light or under a red light, as the emulsion is light-sensitive. The well-prepared pattern matrix (the darker the black print on tracing paper, the better) is used to expose the pattern onto the screen on the vacuum exposure table. The exposed screen is washed, dried, and then ready for printing.

Work in the textile workshop focuses on organizing the work surface (printing table), ensuring print quality, economical use of printing paste (users bring their own printing paste!), drying the prints, and cleaning the workstation.


Participants should gather 15 minutes before the scheduled time in the entrance hall of Center Rog. Please store your personal belongings in the lockers before the program begins. Do not be late. Entry is not guaranteed after the start of the program – once the creative process has begun, it is no longer possible to join!

Fees for the training are non-refundable, and rescheduling is not possible. You can transfer your participation to another person, but please inform us at least 24 hours in advance via email at

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