Molecular sweets

6. 4. 2024
10 a.m. - noon
Food lab
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10.00 €
for guests
10.00 €
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Experience of sweetness can also be educational, so we invite your little ones to participate in the workshop Molecular Sweeties.

Children will create edible sugar packets from natural polymers at the workshop. They will learn about a new type of bioplastic that is completely natural and can also be eaten, thus paving the way for a future without environmentally harmful plastics. Children will add natural dyes and flavors to the biopolymers and package sweet and honey treats in them. They will also experience the magic of molecular cuisine and pack balls with drinks on the grill or make sweet sticks.

Any treats that children do not eat and dissolve in warm drinks during the workshop will be taken home and will delight their loved ones with a molecular feast.

The workshop will be led by Assistant Professor Dr. Uroš Novak with the team Scientists and Scientists against Plastic, who have been creating community science for over 5 years. In doing so, they combine a passion for research with an entrepreneurial approach and create creative workshops on the topic of biomaterials and zero-waste solutions for everyone.

The assembly of participants is 5 minutes before the agreed upon time in the entrance hall of the Center Rog. Children participate in the workshop without parental supervision.

The workshop will be conducted with a minimum of 6 registrations. In case of non-implementation, you will be notified at least two days before the start of the program.

Attendance at the workshop can be transferred to another person, please notify us at least 24 hours before the start at the email address: