Welcome new teams to project studios!

Announcements 22. 3. 2024
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On March 1st, eight new creative teams joined the existing eight, on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Rog Center. They obtained free workspace in the Rog Center through our project studio call, with shared access to all nine production labs.

This time, among the teams, we welcome food technologists creating the brand Nonstop – products made from brewer's spent grains, as well as a duo developing the inflatable and environmentally friendly Lufta chair. We also have the developers of the Ejet9x electric boat, the Visart team working on Paličnjak furniture, and product designer David Tavčar. Bor Jarh is working on a device made from natural materials for regulating humidity in spaces, within the Mandrak project, an innovative guitar is being developed, and fashion designer Nataša Peršuh is upcycling clothes for young people through the Hishka project. We look forward to all the innovative, sustainable, and environmentally responsible products being created here. You can read more about the studios here.

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