The spaces at Rog Center are accessible to individuals in wheelchairs

Announcements 18. 5. 2024

We warmly invite everyone to our premises and also for a coffee on the most beautiful terrace in Ljubljana.

Accessibility for people with mobility impairments is arranged at Rog Center from both sides of the building. They can enter both at the entrance from the park and from Petkovškovo nabrežje, where a wheelchair lift is installed on the stairs. All three floors can be accessed by elevator, and for access to the terrace, a wheelchair ramp is installed in the main hall, providing access to the garden of the Specialka café. All floors have adapted and marked restrooms for individuals with disabilities, located on the western side of each floor. People with mobility impairments can communicate any special needs in advance by calling +386 1 320 56 08 or via email at, and we will try to accommodate their visit accordingly.

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