Roundtable Discussion: The Future of Craftsmanship and its Integration with Design

Projekti 27. 10. 2023
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Happening on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, at 10:00, as part of the contemporary design platform MADE IN at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana, there will be a roundtable discussion on the current conditions and issues in the field of craftsmanship and its integration with design in Slovenia. The public discussion among experts, decision-makers, craftsmen, and designers is intended for various stakeholders in the fields of craftsmanship, design, architecture, art, museum work, and other activities. Its purpose is to raise awareness and encourage further collaborations in preserving the rich European craftsmanship heritage and explore new ways to revitalize traditional craftsmanship knowledge and skills.

Program for the roundtable discussion:

10:00 Welcome address by Bogo Zupančič, director of MAO

10:05 Cvetka Požar, presentation of the MADE IN project: Stories of Crafts and Design, 2018–2021

10:15 Maja Vardjan, presentation of the project and participating residents of MADE IN – a platform for contemporary craftsmanship and design, 2023–2025

10:30 Break

10:35 Roundtable discussion: The Future of Craftsmanship and its Integration with Design Participants:
- Kati Sekirnik, Consortium of Craft Centers of Slovenia
- Franc Stanonik, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
- Suzana Rajh, craftswoman, Pottery Center Maribor, and Vice President of the Section for Domestic and Artistic Crafts at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia
- Julija Kaja Horvat, designer, Slovetno
- Rok Oblak, designer

Moderators: Maja Vardjan and Cvetka Požar

12:00 Conclusion and networking

The event is open to the public, and no registration is required.


MADE IN – a platform for contemporary craftsmanship and design is an initiative that brings together research, design, and heritage, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among traditional craftsmen, modern designers, and other experts in the fields of culture and science. It addresses key issues related to preserving the rich European craftsmanship heritage and explores new ways to update traditional craft knowledge and skills. Additionally, it examines possibilities for establishing new forms of diversification and meaning through mutual learning and fresh perspectives on contemporary artistic and design practices. The goal is to highlight new ways of exploring materials and other design processes related to themes such as decay, sourcing natural resources, and sustainable production models.

MADE IN platform is a result of increased awareness of the crucial role that craftsmanship plays in creating and preserving a sense of place identity. Craftsmanship can significantly contribute to transitioning towards sustainable, innovative, circular production models, primarily based on the use of local resources and skills. Besides guiding us towards alternative uses and repairs of existing products, it also promotes responsible consumption and creates a value system that goes beyond the prevalent global logic of mass production.

The project involves ten partner organizations from six countries, forming a consortium with a wide range of expertise: Museum of Architecture and Design – MAO (Ljubljana, Slovenia) (coordinator), Center Rog (Ljubljana, Slovenia), City Museum Zenica – MGZ (Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Drugo more (Rijeka, Croatia), Museum of Decorative Arts, part of the State Art Collections of Dresden – SKD (Dresden, Germany), Museum of Arts and Crafts – MUO (Zagreb, Croatia), Oaza (Zagreb, Croatia), Creative Hub Nova Iskra (Belgrade, Serbia), Passa ao Futuro – PAF (Lisbon, Portugal), and University of Applied Sciences Zwickau – WHZ (Schneeberg, Germany).

Event organization: Museum of Architecture and Design and Center Rog


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