Invitation to Co-create Neighbor Day 2024 Program

Announcements 14. 1. 2024

On Monday, January 29th, at 5:00 PM, we invite everyone interested in co-creating the first Neighbor Day to an introductory meeting. The Neighbor Day is scheduled to take place in the Erased Park on Tuesday, June 4th, and is aimed at connecting and socializing the neighborhood. The meeting will be held in the conference hall of the Center Rog, on the 1st floor.

We invite neighbors, both individuals and organizations, as well as service providers in the vicinity of the Center Rog, to co-create the program. During the meeting, we will divide into groups based on which part of the program you would like to contribute to (children's program, social, sports, and other activities, workshops, catering offerings, pop-up market offerings, etc.). We will exchange ideas and make preparations for the event. For those who will be visiting the Center Rog for the first time, we will organize a guided tour of the building after the meeting.

Please confirm your attendance at the event by emailing:

Looking forward to meeting you!

Center Rog Team

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