History of Bicycle Shelters and Challenges of Secure Bicycle Parking

Announcements 3. 3. 2024
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On Monday, March 4th, at 6 p.m., organized by the Electric Bicycle Riders Association of Slovenia and the Ljubljana Cycling Network, a roundtable discussion on urban bicycle shelters and the challenges of secure storage and parking of bicycles will take place in the conference hall of the Center Rog.

At the roundtable, the following participants will be involved: Dr. Rok Žnidaršič (Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana), Dr. Luka Mladenović (Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia), Lea Rikato Ružič (President of the Ljubljana Cycling Network), Janez Stariha (Coordinator of the City Mobility Center), Marko Peterlin (Director of the Institute for Spatial Policies), and Andrej Klemenc. The round table will be moderated by Ljubljana's cycling mayor, Matej Praprotnik.

The conversation and debate will focus on the following challenges:

  • Adequacy and suitability of infrastructure for bicycle storage and parking in the City of Ljubljana
  • Bicycle storage and parking from the perspective of spatial and traffic planning
  • Parking lots and bicycle shelters in terms of usability and the appearance of public spaces
  • Learning from the best practices of bicycle storage and parking from other cities
  • Aging society and technological solutions for bicycle storage and parking
  • Technical and other challenges posed by the rapid proliferation of e-bikes or pedelecs.

All are welcome to attend!

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