In June we are hosting the Perunika pop-up at Center Rog

Announcements 5. 6. 2024

The Perunika pop-up store brings together Slovenian fashion designers, artisans, and artists. They will be hosted with us until June 29th.

Perunika is not just a shopping space; it's a hub where tradition meets innovation, where each product, made with love, becomes a part of the story of the strength, perseverance, and beauty of the women behind them.

Here's who's showcasing:

  • MORJA - A creative workshop for beloved clothing and textiles that spreads vibrancy and warmth while respecting the environment, materials, and people.
  • Destilator; Maja Modrijan - Crafting Walk the Talk shoes, election wallets, letter folders, and cases, among other inventions, from discarded materials.
  • Vita Ivčić - An internationally acclaimed young Slovenian designer whose products aim for a sustainable approach, operating under the brand v i t a i v i c i c. Items are handmade or produced in limited editions locally in Slovenia.
  • Kresna Dara - A wool enthusiast and aspiring conservation biologist who loves creating yarn in ancient ways and crocheting clothes for magical beings. She's also passionate about exploring wool-related issues from a conservation perspective.
  • Fi by Gaja - Designs with the aim to contribute to a better and more environmentally friendly future. Their bags have a timeless design and are made from sustainable and vegan plant-based materials.
  • Karmina Collection - Capsule clothing designed as a smart dressing system, consisting of simple and timeless pieces with subtle circular elements. Each item is unique and made to order.
  • ANAMARI HRUP - Aiming to live as environmentally friendly as possible and encouraging others to do so through creativity. She creates drawings, Shelter for Discarded Plants, and jewelry from ties and embroidery.
  • MK Glina - Handcrafted ceramics that bring joy to your everyday life. Passed from hand to hand, with soul for soul.
  • MamaF - A visual artist who tells stories of love and passion for creation and life in general through a red thread.

Perunika pop-up invites you to visit every day from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 18:00. They are hosted at Center Rog until June 29th, with the entrance to the store from Petkovškovo nabrežje.

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