ARHIKULT 2024 at Center Rog

Announcements 27. 3. 2024
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At Center Rog, on April 11, 2024, we will be hosting the 9th architectural conference ARHIKULT 2024.

This year's edition of the conference focuses on the causes and consequences of climate change stemming from global warming. The construction industry holds great potential for reducing carbon footprint, so the conference will focus on finding solutions to neutralize it through approaches such as sustainable green construction, green transportation, use of local materials, energy renovations, comprehensive renovations of existing buildings, and integrating new content into cities and buildings.

The conference will bring together experts, members of IZS and ZAPS, as well as representatives of national institutions, civil society, public authorities, and research institutions, who will share their knowledge, experiences, and opinions.

More about the conference program is available here:

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Matej Štefanac

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