Just a Corpse

In a newly awakened interest for ballet around the globe, JAC established itself as the leading ballet-wear brand by merging classical ideals with contemporary fashion vocabulary, sophisticated handcraft with new technologies, couture with sportswear, tradition with innovation and local with global. By constant investment into its own development & production facilities, JAC took a firm stand in the implementation of sustainable & socio-responsible practices. Exclusive certified recycled fabrics developed together with the leading Italian mills, reusable packaging, and new concepts of marketing and sales channels became staples of the brand. With 100% European executed production carefully managed to avoid overstocking & dead stock, it sets new standards on the opposite side from the major players in the dance-wear sector. Growing following and loyal clientele from the most vibrant Asian markets provides a precious platform for the introduction of new ideas and concepts. The fluctuation of creatives and crafters, the technical infrastructure of specialised labs and the unique heritage of Rog historical building provide an ideal environment to boost the team's creative output.

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