RogLab's short break


RogLab will be closed between June 20 and June 24.  

Conference Shared Spaces - Shared Futures


You are warmly invited to Shared Spaces – Shared Futures, an international conference organized by Center Rog and taking place in the Cukrarna Art Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 16 and 17 June 2022.

New children's workshop: Growing and nurturing honey plants


On the first Saturday in June we're going to learn how to grow and nurture honey plants. 

Guided tours of Center Rog's building site


Every first Thursday of a month we're organizing guided tours of Center Rog's building site.

Innovative Biomaterials in Design: a Shemakes symposium


You are warmly invited to this online symposium on Innovative Biomaterials in Design, which is being held as part of the Shemakes project.


Shemakes workshops: Innovative Cellulosic and Biomaterials


Women studying textile and fashion design, architecture, industrial design, biology or chemical technology are invited to apply for a place at a workshop on the creation of innovative biomaterials.

Shared Spaces – Shared Futures


In December 2021 the Rog Centre embarked on the latest stage of its participatory development programme, in the form of the Shared Spaces – Shared Futures project in partnership with the European Cultural Foundation.

Upcoming: Workshop for children - Robotic Beetles


You are invited to join us at the workshop Robotic beetles which will be on 19 March 2022. This workshop will help you create a host of tiny electronic bugs that will scuttle about as you get to know the basics of mechanics and electronics.

Upcoming workshop for Adults: Being Jože Plečnik


Can you imagine finding an intermediate floor in your apartment building with a small door, through which you can crawl into the head of our greatest architect?