Upcoming: Workshop for children - Robotic Beetles


You are invited to join us at the workshop Robotic beetles which will be on 19 March 2022. This workshop will help you create a host of tiny electronic bugs that will scuttle about as you get to know the basics of mechanics and electronics.

Upcoming workshop for Adults: Being Jože Plečnik


Can you imagine finding an intermediate floor in your apartment building with a small door, through which you can crawl into the head of our greatest architect?

Upcoming: workshop for children - Masquerade


Create your very own mask for the Mardi Gras parade! We’ll help you create unique geometric masks from a wide array of animal and mythological motifs, which are a true magnet for extra candy.

Upcoming: Screen printing with Thermochromic Dyes


You sit on a bench and the sun shines on you. The print on the T-shirt you are wearing starts to fade. The secret message is slowly being revealed below ... How? This is not magic, these are thermochromic dyes!

Upcoming workshop for Adults: Laser Engraving on ceramics


We kindly invite you to attend the workshop Laser engraving on ceramics where you will upcycle old plates.

RogLab temporarily closed for public - from 10 - 16 January 2022


Due to the increased risk of transmission of the new coronavirus, the RogLab workshop will be closed between 10 and 16 January. The doors will reopen for you on Monday, January 17, 2022, at 12 noon.

Open Call for the creation of new educational workshops and courses


In Rog Centre, users always seek new knowledge relating to innovative materials and advanced production technologies that they will later be able to apply in their own creative work. We are therefore looking for external partners to share their knowledge in workshops or courses.

Project Shared Spaces - Shared Futures


The Rog Centre is launching a participatory project, supported by the European Cultural Foundation, to help define how we operate in the future.

Rog Centre has became a part of the Shemakes network


We are pleased to announce that we have become part of the Shemakes network! We look forward to working with partner labs to empower women in the textile and clothing industry.