Molecular Sweets / 6-12 years

The joys of December are always surrounded by sweet flavours. To make the sweetening experience also instructive, we invite your youngest ones to attend the Molecular Sweets workshop.

In the workshop, children will make edible sugar packets from natural polymers. They will get to know a new type of bioplastic that is completely natural and can also be eaten, thus building in the direction of the future without environmentally harmful plastics. The children will add natural colours and flavours to the biopolymers and pack sweet and honey delicacies in them. They will also experience the magic of molecular cuisine and pack beverage on the grill or make candy sticks.

All the goodies that the children will not eat and dissolve in hot drinks will be taken home after the workshop so their loved ones will be delighted with a molecular feast.

* When registering for the workshop we ask you to inform us about your child's possible food allergies.

Duration: 1.5 h
Skills required: not required
Number of participants: 10
Activities: to create edible packages from natural polymers
Acquired skills: mixing, painting, vacuuming, grilling (160 ° C)
Acquired knowledge: molecular cuisine, polysaccharides, edible bioplastics
Materials: natural algae thickener, natural dyes, sweet flavours, honey
Tools: dish, mixing spoon, dropper for adding paint, vacuum cleaner, grill, wooden sticks
Mentors: dr. Uroš Novak, Ana Oberlintner, Mejrema Nuhanović

The workshop will be held in partnership with Urban Beekeepers Association of Slovenia / FoodE project.