Workshops for kids

Workshops for children and young people are designed to promote the creative use of technologies. With a very hands-on approach, participants learn the basics of technologies and different creative practices, and at the end may take their product home. Workshops for children are also available on request.

Animated poetry
/ 9-12 years

-0 = ∞ / ∞ = 0! A workshop for avantgarde poetry enthusiasts who also enjoy the latest technology.

Let's create miniature installations on the streets of Ljubljana and bring them to life with a special app.

Let's make an animation with the help of a turntable.

The coolest T-shirt is the one you’ve made yourself! Join us for a printing workshop and have a go at clothing design.

Custom puzzles
/ 5-12 years

Can you imagine anything more delightful than taking your favourite motif, cutting it up into tiny pieces and puzzling it back together again? 

Doodling Robots
/ 7-14 years

Imagine making your own robot pet! Our cheeky doodling robot draws on everything that gets in its way, but teaches us heaps and heaps on circuits and laser cutting.

Electric brushy
/ 7-12 years

Do you always remember to brush your teeth at night? Find use for your used old toothbrush and transform it into a whirring robot that scuttles around on its brushy feet!

Electric cars
/ 7-15 years

Get ready for a day at the races: we'll put your skills as a designer, a maker and a race car driver to the test!

On this workshop children will learn how to grow and nurture honey plants.

Lighting curtain
/ 8-15 years

This is not your average class room projector: at RogLab, we won’t be using them for boring school stuff. But we also don’t take any shortcuts, and will be making the projectors from scratch!

/ 7+ years

Create your very own mask for Halloween trick-or-treating, the Mardi Gras parade or a fancy dress party! We’ll help you create unique geometric masks from a wide array of animal and mythological motifs.

Molecular Sweets
/ 6-12 years

The joys of a happy December are always surrounded by sweet flavours. To make the sweetening experience also instructive, we invite your youngest ones to attend the Molecular Sweets workshop.

Musical fingertips
/ 12-16 years

Know anyone who just can’t stop drumming their fingers? Ask them to come along for a workshop, where we’ll make an instrument that’s a perfect fit for them, so you can tap along in unison! 

My neighbourhood
/ 8-12 years

What are the features of the neighbourhood you live, work or go to school in? We inhabit some spaces on a daily basis, but never get to see them from a bird’s eye view. The workshop will help you recreate a neighbourhood of your choice and reflect on the ways we live in it.

Recycle, Reuse!
/ 10-16 years

Make something useful out of single-use plastic bags! We'll create durable bags, purses and totes, have fun with patterns and help out nature just a bit.

Robot nanny for plants
/ 9-12 years

ROGoFlora is a robot nanny for your houseplants that notifies you about the level of moisture in their soil using a humidity metre.

Robotic beetles
/ 9+ years

This workshop will help you create a host of tiny electronic bugs that will scuttle about as you get to know the basics of mechanics and electronics.

Shadow puppets
/ 9-15 years

Have you ever played with shadow puppets? Recreate your favourite stories with the help of 3D technologies!

True VR magic
/ 10-15

In the physical world, it’s clear where our own boundaries lie, and where I end and you begin. We know what’s real and where imagination steps in. What about the virtual worlds?

Introducing the holiday decorations that have it all: they’re mobile, wireless and make people get up on the dance floor! Participants of the workshop will create pulsating ornaments with in-built LED-lights that twinkle in rhythm.