By revitalising the former Rog factory and turning it into the Center Rog, the city of Ljubljana will obtain a new international creative and social hub with close links to the local environment. Committed to the circular use of space and with a strong cross-sectoral and international focus, while also pursuing sustainable development, the Center Rog will not only cater to those who directly use it but will also have a positive impact on the life of the community.

With its modern infrastructure, expertise and international connections, the Center Rog will provide creators, organisations, businesses and the general public with a supportive environment for innovative projects for sustainable, socially responsible development in the areas of fabrication, urban handicraft, applied arts, design and architecture.

Center Rog core values: 

- intersectoral and intergenerational cooperation
- creativity / innovation
- accessibility / sharing
- gender equality / equity
- social cohesion / inclusion
- lifelong learning
- social benefit / sustainable development
- circular use of spaces / flexibility / transparency