Terms of use


No rights arise with respect to any information published on the Rog Centre’s website. The Rog Centre accepts no liability for the information published on other websites linked to its website.

Copyright and Intellectual Property
The content and information on this website is intended for the user’s personal, non-commercial use and may not be downloaded, copied, modified or shared for commercial use, except for content made specifically available or expressly intended to be downloaded. The user may only print or post in social media those parts of the website that are intended for their personal use.

The content of the website, including texts, images, graphics or layouts, are the copyright of the Rog Centre and may not be reproduced, modified or distributed, regardless of the medium or territory. All rights arising from the copyright, business secrets and other intellectual property rights in products, services, software, course content or images shall remain the property of the Rog Centre.

The user undertakes to prevent any copying, distribution, reproduction, modification, alteration, access to the source code, reverse engineering or any commercial use of the Rog Centre’s copyrighted material.

Privacy Policy
In accordance with applicable law, the Rog Centre shall respect and protect all personal data obtained from the user and undertakes to carefully protect all personal data obtained through or by use of the website and to use it solely for the purpose for which they were submitted. 

By accessing or using our website, the user consents to and authorises the Rog Centre to collect, manage, maintain, control or in any other way process personal data relating to them according to the applicable Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data relating to the user include, but are not limited to, data obtained by the Rog Centre in connection with the user accessing the website, the user’s name, surname, address, phone number(s), payment details, data required for accessing the user’s account and/or other data submitted by the user to the Rog Centre. The Rog Centre owns the copyright of the content and information generated through use of the website. The user represents and warrants that their user name and password will at all times be protected by the user and that any access by unauthorised persons will be prevented by the user. The Rog Centre also collects non-personal data, comments, videos and other posts the user may submit to the website.

The Rog Centre may collect data for the following purposes:

•          account registration and activation,
•          technical support and user support,
•          processing orders and registrations,
•          product and service upgrades,
•          marketing activities,
•          other purposes required for the use of services.

The data subject has the right to request the Rog Centre to erase personal data they have submitted to the Rog Centre without undue delay. To this end, a user should send their request to info@center-rog.si.

RogLab Workshop – Privacy Policy 
All files used in RogLab and on RogLab’s computers are publicly accessible. You are responsible for your own files, so please save them on a USB stick or other storage medium after use. RogLab does not accept any liability for lost files. By using RogLab, you agree to the making of photographs of activities or finished products that may be used in the Rog Centre’s promotion.

RogLab Workshop – Terms of Use
RogLab’s open sessions are made more affordable by public subsidies. The user is therefore obliged to ensure that appropriate references are made while presenting any products and prototypes made in RogLab. If the user fails to comply with the rules set out below concerning the references made to the Rog Centre’s support, the subsidised price will no longer apply; all subsequent services will be charged at the non-subsidised prices, i.e. the price list for external customers will apply.

Product Presentation on Websites and Vending Platforms:

  • The following phrase must be displayed prominently together with the product being presented: “Izdelavo podprl Center Rog” or “Powered by the Rog Centre Creative Hub”.
  • An active link to www.center-rog.si must be included in the presentation.


Product Presentation in Social Media:

  • If a product or prototype made in RogLab has a dedicated social media presentation site, the following phrase must be displayed prominently on its profile: “Izdelavo podprl Center Rog” or “Powered by the Rog Centre Creative Hub” (the name “Center Rog” must have an active link (@) leading to the Rog Centre’s Facebook or Instagram profile) or the hashtag #RogCentre in its “Our Story”, “About” or “Bio” section.
  • Any social media post containing a product or prototype presentation must contain the phrase “Izdelavo podprl Center Rog” or “Powered by the Rog Centre Creative Hub”, an active link (@) to the Rog Centre’s profile, and the hashtag #RogCentre.


Media Coverage of Products:

  • Should a product or prototype receive media coverage, the user is obliged to ensure that the fact the product or its components were made with the support of the Rog Centre is mentioned.


Promotional Material and Presentations at Events, Exhibitions and Sales Outlets

  • All promotional printed material featuring a product or prototype must include the phrase “Izdelavo podprl Center Rog” or “Powered by the Rog Centre Creative Hub”, and the Rog Centre’s logo.
  • When a product is presented at events, exhibitions or sales outlets, the phrase “Izdelavo podprl Center Rog” or “Powered by the Rog Centre Creative Hub”, and the Rog Centre’s logo must be displayed prominently alongside the product’s name.


RogLab – Disclaimer
All users, programme and project partners as well as other visitors to the RogLab premises use both RogLab’s premises and the equipment installed there entirely at their own risk.

The Rog Centre accepts no liability arising from the users, programme and project partners, their employees or other visitors to the RogLab premises using those premises or from use of the equipment installed there. The Rog Centre represents and warrants that instructions for using the installed equipment will be available at the RogLab premises.

By submitting their application to use the RogLab premises and the equipment installed there, all users, programme and project partners as well as other visitors to the RogLab premises confirm that they possess adequate expertise and experience to enable them to safely use both the RogLab premises and the equipment installed there, and confirm that they have read the instructions for use of the equipment available in RogLab.