Lončič Pottery Studio

At the Rog Center, a team of young pottery enthusiasts and engineers will develop a portable folding pottery wheel that operates on foot drive. It is intended for users who need a mobile and innovative solution for their creative activity. The pottery wheel is driven by pedaling, whereby the flywheel, which is filled with water in a closed container made of impermeable fabric, provides the required torque. The spindle, which is predominantly made of wood and bio-composites, reduces the need for electricity and allows use without location restrictions. Through the open pottery education provided by the new tool, the team contributes to social benefit and fosters local creativity.

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Urška Sadar


Designer and architect Urško Sadar is interested in the connection between modern and traditional techniques, exploring unpredictable forms and designing objects with added value. In the project she will be developing at the Rog Centre, ...