The new centre will encompass four floors and cover a total of 8,500 m2. The ground floor will feature production facilities and shared workshops, whereas the first floor will house a public library and a multi-purpose hall for exhibitions and other events. On the second floor there will be individual project rooms, with the centre’s administration being found in the attic space together with a multi-purpose experiment room and residential and individual project rooms. Spaces with a view of the Ljubljanica River will be rented out to cafés and shops. The Rog Centre will also feature a new park covering an area of 8,000 m2. This design concept will retain the factory building’s original function, albeit as a public production space with new, contemporary contents that meet the needs of our time.

The Rog Centre in figures:
7 production labs – 1,000 m2
25 individual project rooms – 1,250 m2
5 residential and working rooms – 300 m2
1 multi-purpose experiment room – 50 m2
1 hall for exhibitions and other events, including a lecture room – 700 m2
1 public library – 300 m2
1 restaurant – 230 m2
1 café for approx. 150 guests
café in a public park – 28 m2
6 shops – 350 m2
1 public park – 8,000 m2