Project Rooms

Studio - individual project rooms

These rooms will be available to makers, urban craftsmen and traders, designers, architects and engineers. The 25 individual project rooms (1,250 min total) will be awarded to users on a non-profit basis through open calls for tenders. They are intended for both individuals and collectives that develop socially beneficial products meeting the fundamental values of the Rog Centre.

Typical individual studio - project room ground plan (pdf 117.23 KB)
Typical collective studio - project room ground plan (pdf 150.2 KB)

Residential and working rooms

Five residential and working rooms extending across 300 m2 will be available for the accommodation and work of non-local users active in fields supported by the Rog Centre. Based on the principle of international exchange, these rooms will enable users from Slovenia to live and work in similar creative centres around the world. One room will chiefly be intended for families and/or collectives, whereas another will be prioritised for migrant and refugee creatives.

Typical residential and working room ground plan (pdf 1 MB)