There will be seven production labs (workshops) on the ground and second floors that use both modern computer-aided technologies and more traditional techniques. This programme will be for makers, urban craftsmen and traders, designers, architects, engineers, artists, students, pupils and amateurs of all ages. Each lab will have a qualified technologist who will help users develop their projects. The shared production labs and mechanical equipment will be available based on a membership fee. Membership fees will enable functional shared use, individual use of space outside of official opening times and thus better utilisation of this public infrastructure.

1   COOKERY LAB AND SHOWROOM – 150 m2  /  It is to offer domestic and international cuisine workshops and experimental cooking sessions. The cookery lab will come complete with a showroom intended for public culinary events and private hire. 
• List of equipment and tools of Cookery Lab with Showroom
Showcooking ground plan

2   TEXTILE LAB WITH SHOP – 200 m2  /  Enables independent use of textile technologies and promotes a sustainable clothing culture. Includes a shop to showcase local fashion products.
• List of equipment and tools of Textile Lab


 RECYCLING CENTRE – 60 m2  /  The final stage of the production processes in all the other labs – this is where the remains of materials are made usable again.

3'  3D LAB – 55 m2  /  A training and production space where 3D printers, scanners, laser cutters and CNC cutters are also available for independent use.

3'' ELECTRO LAB – 20 m2  /  Encourages the production of smart objects and offers basic training in electronics and programming.

• List of equipment and tools of Recycling, 3D and Electro Lab

4   WOOD LAB – 115 m2  /  A carpentry workshop where users can saw, grind, drill, cut and make things in accordance with their own ideas and taste – anything from a stool to a boat.
• List of equipment and tools of Wood Lab

5   METAL LAB – 73 m2  /  This more robust brother of the wood lab provides lathes, drilling machines, welding machines etc. for processing a variety of metals.
• List of equipment and tools of Metal Lab

6   GREEN LAB – 93 m2  /  A space for innovation for anyone interested in developing sustainable materials and technologies. It also includes a space for growing mycelium and provides access to a learning garden.
• List of equipment and tools of Green Lab

7   GLASS AND CERAMIC LAB WITH SHOP – 172 m2  /  Offers training and technology for the design of ceramic and glass products, as well as a shop selling products by local designers.
• List of equipment and tools of Glass and Ceramics Lab