Cafés and Shops

The new Rog Centre will also house small shops and catering establishments, whose offer will reflect the centre’s public programme and also meet the needs of the neighbourhood. The ground floor running along the Petkovšek Embankment, which will be turned into a pedestrian area during the renovation, will include a restaurant, a bistro and a few shops. The second floor will include a café with a terrace overlooking the river while in the park there will be a pavilion housing a café. Tenants will be sought in 2022.

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1   SHOPS  /  A total of 6 shop spaces is available, measuring between 50 m2 and 60 m(approx. 34 m2 on the ground floor and 18 m2 on the mezzanine). It will be possible to combine two small spaces to create a larger one. The intended use of the shops is to offer products and services relating to the Rog Centre’s target areas (e.g. products made by local creatives, the produce of local farmers etc.).
Typical shop ground plan (pdf 266 KB)

2   RESTAURANT AND BISTRO  /  The restaurant covers an area of 230 m2. The bistro covers an area of 150 m2. At the time of letting, the bistro will be fully furnished. The leases of both premises include the use of part of the Petkovšek Embankment as a summer terrace, subject to agreement.
Restaurant ground plan (pdf 7 MB)
Bistro ground plan (pdf 331 KB)

3   CAFÉ PAVILION  /  The container that previously housed RogLab will be converted into a café and located in southern section of the park. At the time of letting, the pavilion will be fully furnished. The premises, including the toilets, cover
28 m2. The lease includes the use of the park as a summer garden, subject to agreement.


4   CAFÉ  /  On the second floor there will be a café with space for approx. 73 guests seated inside and 88 guests seated on a terrace overlooking the Ljubljanica. On one side, the café will be adjacent to the public library while, on the other, it will open into a large multi-purpose hall. At the time of letting, both the café and terrace will be fully furnished.
Café with terrace ground plan (pdf 83 KB)