Workshop for Children: Fairytale Baking 2

9. 12. 2023

3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Center Rog, Kuharski lab (Culinary lab)



At the fairy-tale baking workshop, we will read recipes with the children, gather and weigh ingredients, mix them with a mixer or by hand, shape various cookies, bake and spread them, and decorate. The treats will be neatly wrapped to make them suitable for gifts.

The workshop is intended for elementary school children (6-14 years old). They will prepare the ingredients, weigh the appropriate amounts, mix and shape cookies (with a rolling pin, molds, hands...), decorate them, and prepare gift packages.

The mentor at the workshop will be Nina Barbič, who has been expertly preparing her own bread and pastries for two decades. In recent years, she has focused on the art of using sourdough, continually enhancing her knowledge.

You can sign up your children through the form below.

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