We aim to make RogLab services as accessible as possible since we wish to encourage the creative forces of those interested in making things. Along with several free programmes, we therefore offer reduced prices to RogLab members and allow for the collecting of RogLab points to compensate extra use.

Reduced prices (marked with *) are available for pupils, students, pensioners, unemployed persons, asylum-seekers and refugees. The last column of the price list shows the prices of our services if no subsidies had been granted by the City of Ljubljana.

Rog Centre Membership

Certain services, such as the independent use of RogLab’s equipment, courses and trainings, are only accessible to Rog Centre’s members. Others, such as workshops for children and adults, with applicable fees being lower for Rog Centre’s members. The first year’s membership is our gift to all users who take part in a training of their choice.

Membership price: 10 EUR
Membership validity: 1 year from date of purchase

Pricelist for Rog Centre's members


Condition: membership

Regular price Discounted price* Payment on day of training Informative
prices without funding
Training in the independent use of equipment

(3 hours of theory + 2 hours of mentor-assisted practice)

35 EUR 25 EUR + 5 EUR 210 EUR
Rhinoceros 3D software course

1 level / 4 lessons x 3 hours

50 EUR 35 EUR Obligatory
500 EUR
Rhinoceros 3D software course

3 levels / 12 lessons x 3 hours

120 EUR 90 EUR Obligatory
1000 EUR
User fees - independent use of equipment

Condition: membership, completed training session

Regular price Discounted price* Materials Informative
prices without funding
1 month
unlimited use of all equipment
30 EUR 20 EUR Charged as used 100 EUR
1 year
unlimited use of all equipment
180 EUR 135 EUR Charged as used 1.000 EUR
Mentor-assisted practice

Condition: membership, completed training session, user fee
1 session = 2 hours

Regular price Discounted price* Informative
prices without funding
1 session
validity: 1 month
40 EUR 36 EUR 160 EUR
2 sessions
validity: 2 months
72 EUR 54 EUR 340 EUR
3 sessions
validity: 3 months
92 EUR 69 EUR 480 EUR

3D printing, CNC milling, reviewing and correcting files

Initial review of a file and suggested corrections

included in user fee

Independent print / CNC milling without the assistance of a mentor

included in user fee

File sent via e-mail

15 EUR**

File corrections

30 EUR / hour
Materials charged as used

**The file is sent by email and the mentor prints/mills it himself if the file is deemed to be in order. The mentor notifies you once the printing/milling is complete and you can collect your item.

Rog points

No worries if money’s tight – join us in building Rog Centre's community and volunteer to collect Rog points! Each point grants you a discount when using Centre Rog's services. Mentors reserve the right to accept or decline volunteer work.

1 point = 10 EUR




Assisting with a Saturday workshop

 4 hours

 3 points

Assisting at Open days

 2 hours

 2 points

Help with less demanding events

 2 hours

 1 point

Pricelist of services for external clients

List of services

Executing simple prototypes and products, file review and correction

30 EUR / hour

Executing complex prototypes and products

send an enquiry

3D modelling

send an enquiry

Children’s workshops

send an enquiry

Workshops for adults

send an enquiry


send an enquiry



Payments can be made in the following ways:

1. Transfer the sum to Rog Centre's account up until three working days before your activity takes place.
TRR: SI56 0126 1600 0002 804
Name and address: Center Rog, Trubarjeva 72, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Purpose of payment: Name Surname
Code: GDSV
Reference: SI00 22-<DDMMYYY>
where <DDMMYYY> represents the date of the activity. Example: SI00 22-08102022.

2. Pay in person
You can pay for your training with cash or card at RogLab at Petkovškovo nabrežje 67, we’re open Mon-Fri from 12 pm to 8 pm (except on Tuesdays, when trainings take place).

All prices include VAT.
The pricelist is valid starting on 1 September 2019.