The Rog Centre’s activities are based on a close partnership with relevant local and international actors who share the institute’s target areas. Our partners include educational and cultural institutions, networks, small and medium-sized (social) enterprises, development agencies, non-governmental organisations, associations and cooperatives. We select partners for programme cooperation lasting one or several years on either the basis of open calls for tenders or as part of joint international projects. If you are interested in cooperating with us, please contact us at

Educational Institutions:

Non-governmental organisations and Associations:

  • Stripburger, FORUM Ljubljana, Institute for Artistic and Cultural Production
  • SLON, Educational Animation Film Programme, Ljubljana
  • Apis Institute, Multimedia Institute for positive social change, Ljubljana
  • KUD Obrat

Development agencies and Companies:


RogLab is part of the following networks:

  • Fab Lab Network, a global network of maker labs
  • VULCA, European Makers Mobility Programme
  • 3DP PAN EU, 3D printing matchmaking platform
  • Shemakes, a network for empowering women innovators in the clothing and textile sector
  • FabLab Slovenia, Slovenian maker lab platform
  • FabLabNet, a network of Central European maker labs