Open Calls

There are currently no active Open Calls.

RogLab Open 2019: Active Aging

This year’s RogLab Open: Active Aging initiative that aims to draw the attention of both designers and the public to the needs of the elderly, drew 30 entries from around the world, with the selection committee choosing 4 winners!

RogLab Open 2017: City for Everyone

RogLab and the European network FabLabNet have put out a call for entries in the field of product and fashion design, architecture and art, whose goal was to expand the boudaries of the creative use of 3D technologies and develop socially and environmentally conscious products that enhance the quality of everyday lives of both individuals and communities.

RogLab Open 2017: RogLight

Creative challenge to find innovative design in creating lamps or lampshades using a laser cutter. 12 selected participants got the chance to transform their ideas into tangible prototypes at RogLab, and 8 of those works were in the running to win the competition.

RogLab Open 2015: Design (Dis)ability

The Design (Dis)ability project is embedded in the cultural discourse, addressing fashion as a characteristically urban expression of individuality that remains largely unavailable to many individuals with physical disabilities.

RogLab Open 2014: The factory that is making itself

Numerous prototypes were developed during the first year of RogLab's operation, 10 of which were represented at the exhibition. Forty-three designers, engineers, technicians, architects and artists cooperated in the production process. Prototypes were represented in winter 2013/14 on the exhibition RogLab - the factory that is making itself.