We are looking for external mentors to assist in our labs

We are looking for external mentors to assist in our labs

The Centre Rog will offer nine production labs and workshops covering an area of over 1000 m2: 3D production lab incorporating a fab lab and a recycling area; a green lab; woodworking, metalworking and textile fab labs; a cookery lab with a show cooking area; and workshops for designing and making glass, ceramics and jewellery. They will all offer programmes aimed at the wider public, whether professional or amateur: makers, urban craftspeople and traders, designers, architects, engineers, artists, students, schoolchildren – anyone, in short, who is interested in making things with their hands, regardless of their skills or age. All the candidates need European residency and/or work permit status.

Center Rog will open its doors this autumn, and we are inviting freelance mentors to join us and assist in our production workshops. We are looking for technicians and technologists with expertise in textiles, wood, metal, ceramics, glass, new technologies, electronics, green technologies, or culinary arts, who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge. More information about the profiles we are seeking for occasional freelance work, as well as all the details you need for application, can be found in the document below:

Please apply via the online form provided below, which is also accessible through this link, no later than August 10th, 2023.



Great opportunity for organisations - Study visits in Center Rog


Are you curious about what our brand new creative hub has in store for you? Well, we've got not one, not two, but nine production labs that are going to blow your creative minds off! If you're itching to collaborate with us apply to our study visit programme.

Makers in Residency Programme in Center Rog


Are you a passionate maker, innovator, or creative thinker? We are seeking up to 6 different makers who will draw from their experience to help us set up our workspaces and labs.

Workshops ACT & ART at Center Rog


Within the framework of the ACT & ART project, various activities are taking place that are based on the use of art and creativity as a tool to promote social inclusion.