Discover Manufacturing Laboratories

Izpostavljeno 15. 11. 2023
ilustracija: Matija Medved

You are invited to a guided tour of the nine labs at the Rog Center.

There are nine production workshops at the Rog Center:

  1. Culinary Lab
  2. FabLab
  3. Textile Lab
  4. Wood Lab
  5. Metal Lab
  6. Green Lab
  7. Ceramics Lab
  8. Glass Lab
  9. Jewelry Lab

If you wish to visit the workshops and learn more about their programs, you can join us for a guided tour every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of the year, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The tour includes a brief stop at each of the nine workshops, and afterward, you can individually visit the workshop of your interest. In each workshop, the workshop leader will be available to provide explanations and answer your questions.

The meeting point is at 6:00 PM in the lobby of the Rog Center. It is mandatory to register for the tour HERE.


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