GraFem 2020: Nez Pez

Neža Jurman (artistic name Nez Pez) was born in 1985 and graduated in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in Ljubljana, where she also won the University of Ljubljana Prešeren Award and the ALUO Award for Special Artistic Achievement. Her work contains recurring motifs that traverse the various media – audiovisual, sculpture, graphic prints, drawings, paintings. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, festivals and residency programs in the Balkans and elsewhere in Europe. She divides her time between Ljubljana and Berlin.

Programme Board:

Meta Štular, cultural manager (RogLab)
Nika Perne, producer (RogLab)
Yasmin Martin Vodopivec, curator (International Center of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana)
Gregor Bulc, communication and media expert and graffiti researcher (Urbana Vrana Institute)


Production: RogLab, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana
Co-production: Urbana Vrana Institute
Project partners: International Center of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana; FORUM Ljubljana, Institute for Artistic and Cultural Production 
Thanks to: Energetika Ljubljana, d. o. o., Javna razsvetljava, d. d., Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice d.o.o.
The project was made possible by the City of Ljubljana.


Branko Čeak